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Wishing to answer all the requests of its customers, IONISOS, French leader of sterilization by irradiation (Gamma and Ebeam) decided to set up a unit of sterilization by ethylene oxide
and created:

This factory is located in Gien (45).

Since September 1, 2005, Sterylene has been certified ISO 9001 - ISO 13485

The equipments available are:

  • Storage capacities before treatment allowing the delivery with containers from sea transport.

  • The capacity to precondition is 4x18 pallets.

  • The processing capacity with 3 chambers of 1x17 pallets and 2x18 pallets.

  • A dynamic aeration chamber based on vacuum cycles with a temperature control. This autoclave (18 pallets) makes it possible to obtain desorption within times 24 hours for products with specificities such as design, natures of the polymer, and packaging.

  • A dynamic storage capacity of 150 pallets with temperature control and ventilation.

  • Dynamic storage capacities of more than 50 pallets with temperature and hygrometry control that fit the needs of archives aeration after treatment.

  • A storage area for the treated products.

  • plan de gien usine Sterylene
    ZI Les Montoires,
    3 rue Gustave Eiffel 45500 GIEN
    Phone : 33 (0)
    Fax : 33 (0)

    Gien is located :
    70 kms east of Orleans
    153 kms south of Paris